Dermal Fillers

shutterstock_136143083Dermal fillers can be used to instantly improve many issues within our skin, from fine lines or acne scarring to deep lines and volume replacement. A clear gel containing non-animal hyaluronic acid gel (a product already found in the skin) is injected into the dermis to achieve beautifully natural looking results.

We stock a wide range of versatile fillers that can be used to correct fine lines anywhere on the face and neck. They are particularly effective on frown lines, nose to mouth or smile lines and those troublesome lines around the lips.

By adding volume to the cheek and chin area facial contours may be lifted and beautifully enhanced resulting in a natural redefined facial shape and an overall more youthful appearance.

Volume can also be added allowing us to effectively treat deep lines and folds like those from the nose to mouth (nasolabial lines) or from the corners of our mouth down to the jawline (oral commisures). By adding volume to the cheek and chin area you achieve beautifully enhanced and lifted facial contours looking natural giving you redefined facial shape giving you an overall more youthful appearance.

Rejuvenation of the lip/ lip enhancements are one of the most sought after treatments. These are performed by using lip fillers which are tissue tailored to match the lips existing structure, thus resulting in natural looking shape and volume, giving the appearance of beautiful, hydrated enhanced lips.

Dermal fillers are extremely versatile and can be skilfully injected at various depths in the skin resulting in an improved appearance of a range of problems such as facial scars, acne scars, tear troughs (eye bags) and nose imperfections.

By precisely adding subtle amounts of filler which enhances facial shape and improves the continuity of the skin. In some cases, especially in the nose and eye area, it can eliminate or delay the need for surgery.

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